Attract new customers and keep the food and drink orders flowing!
Gametime Blitz gives you a fun and easy way to attract customers and keep them in your seats. Our app creates an exciting way for your customers to interact with the games they're watching, which in turn, gives your bar an edge over your competitors, as well as raises your average ticket spend.


You pick the days to run the game, we do the rest
As a host location, your patrons will be offered two Gametime Blitz games each week (or more if you would like). You pick which days of the week you would like to host games and we'll take it from there. Each game consists of 23 pick 'em style questions for your patrons to answer. The questions are all based on short time frames within that contest (e.g. "will there be a score in the last 2 minutes of the second quarter?"). The questions span the course of the game so that your customer is engaged and has a rooting interest throughout the entirety of the game that they're watching. 


A player can only play in your game if they're at your bar
Our app uses geolocation services which verify that the player is located at your establishment before they are able to start playing the game. This insures that they are present from start to finish and not just showing up at the end if they have won a prize.


Increase the excitement
Similar to pub trivia contests, prizes are offered to game winners to even further incentivize participation. There are 2 types of prizes awarded with Gametime Blitz, location prizes and national prizes. Once a week, Gametime Blitz hosts a national contest in which we offer $1000 in guaranteed prizes to the top finishers across all participating locations. In addition, it is recommended that each hosting location rewards the top finishers at their establishment with prizes as well. Those prizes are most often gift certificates to your location. These prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the contest which means your customer stayed from start to finish, no matter the outcome of the sporting event. In addition, an average customer spends 40+% more than the face value of their gift certificate when redeeming it which creates even more revenue.