1-on-1 Interview with long time player, Jeremy Anderson Schundlemire

Welcome back to another Friday with Gametime Blitz. This week we are bringing you another one on one interview with a high ranking Gametime Blitz player, Jeremy Anderson Schundlemire. Jeremy has been a long time friend that I met throughout the DFS community so he really knows his stuff. Here’s what he had to say.

Me: So Jeremy how’s it going? I heard you were in Vegas recently.

Jeremy: Yes! It was great! I went out there with the family for a little Vacation. It’s not too far from us here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Me: Good times. Did you hit any of the sports books while you were out there? I would have bet on the Packers to win the Super Bowl but that’s just me.

Jeremy: Yes I actually went to couple of them in the casino’s we stopped by. It’s an amazing place for sports these days. There’s lots of gambling and sports.

Me: Yah, I can agree on that. It’s paradise there for sure. So, off topic, but you own your own website right?

Jeremy: Yes it’s called. I do business marketing and printing such as postcards, business cards, and even posters. Then my love for Daily Fantasy Sports started growing and I wanted to use my website as an avenue for other people to learn about great new ways to earn free money through sports apps.

Me: That’s awesome. I’m glad to see that Gametime Blitz is at the top of that list. Are you enjoying your time playing on Gametime Blitz?

Jeremy: Yeah I like it because you can answer most of the questions and then put your phone down. It doesn’t take much time at all. I also like the variety of questions day to day. That keeps it fresh for me.

Me: Ok well then on the flip side, what would you like to see changed?

Jeremy: Possibly more interaction throughout the game to keep us more involved or a platform for us to talk smack in the app would be sweet as well.

Me: Then I can rub it in when I’m beating you! What are some of your favorite questions on Gametime Blitz?

Jeremy: I like home run questions and anything to do with scoring.

Me: Well the NFL season is upon us. Who are you rooting for and who’s your favorite team?

Jeremy: I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan. I was born and raised in Ohio so I like the Browns as well.

Me: So does everyone up there in Utah just follow whatever NFL team suits them?

Jeremy: No, most people here in Utah and Salt Lake City like the Broncos. I can’t stand the Broncos

Me: I don’t like them either. If it’s not Green Bay Packers gold and yellow, then I want no part. Thanks for your time today Jeremy. It’s great to see that you‘re loving Gametime Blitz. I hope to see you on the weekly leaderboard soon.

And everybody don’t forget to check out Jeremy’s website

Until then, make sure to check back on the blog next week for the leaderboard on Monday and NFL contests that start on Thursday.

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