An Exclusive Interview with Gametime Blitz player, Gunner Thomas

Well well well. It’s Friday and life is beautiful.

It’s even better for Gunner Thomas because he is now part of the first ever Gametime Blitz player interview.

How exciting! Hey Gunner, you're famous now. Good job.

Here’s what he had to say…

Me: So, can I call you Gunner? Or do you really want to be called Tommy Gunn from Rocky? He almost beat him ya know!

Gunner: Nope that’s my real name.

Me: Ok Gunner, how long have you been playing Gametime Blitz? Are you enjoying it so far?

Gunner: Yah, for a little while now. I’m a sports fanatic and expert. I’ve been watching and playing sports since high school.

Me: Very cool. Then what’s your favorite sport to play on Gametime Blitz?

Gunner: Baseball for sure. Basketball second and then Football after that.

Me: That’s awesome. There’s still quite a bit of baseball left so you’re in luck. I see you on the leaderboard quite a bit. You must play a lot?

Gunner: Yup. I always love winning money.

Me: Great to hear. You’re in the right place. I’m excited for football. What’s some of your favorite predictions on Gametime Blitz?

Gunner: I like ones that mention stuff like full counts or how many singles in an inning. Those are definitely my favorite.

Me: Yeah? Me too. I look forward to seeing you on top of our new leaderboard featured on the Gametime Blitz blog. Check it out when you get a chance. You may be crowned the MVP of the week if you keep up the winning. Heck you might even be the first $1000 perfect game winner.

Gunner: I’ve been close. I was 6 away once.

Me: That’s really close. Good job. You just have to keep trying every day. You’ll get there soon enough. Thanks for your time bud. Thanks for playing and enjoy!

See now that wasn’t so bad. Check back every week to see who is featured and what other fun stuff we might be up to. You could even be asked to do an interview with Tom Brady. No no no. I’m joking. It would be with me. I like Aaron Rodger more anyways. Sorry Pat fans.