April 2019 Announcements

Are you ready for some amazing news about the best sports prediction app in the world?

Well guess what? We will be offering contest previews to give you a better chance at winning. Now what’s better than that? I know what! A weekly leaderboard that shows how well you did and how much everybody won.

Now that’s a major score!

Starting next week, we here at Gametime Blitz will be giving detailed insights into each matchup presented on the app. That means for every contest that you enter, you can check out the blog and read tips on how to predict the outcomes of the game. Included will be match ups, each team’s record, any relevant trends, and questions to look out for on the app. It’s best to read these previews before each game to get the biggest edge. Each of these will help you when making your predictions and will get you one step closer to winning some cold hard cash.

Also featured in the blog, every Friday there will be a weekly leaderboard. Here you will be able to see how everyone finished and how much everybody won. Want to see how many top 10 finishes you had or how much money you made last week? All of this and more will be featured right here on our blog. An MVP will be crowned every week and at the end of every month. So check out the Gametime Blitz blog for some awesome bragging rights.

So make sure to keep a lookout on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for any special announcements. And tune into our blog here on the Gametime Blitz website for these new great features. We look forward to your feedback.

We’re excited to see you jump in the game and WIN!