August Week 1 Leaderboard and Awards

What a week of winning everyone!

We had quite a few new players this week and had the most users play since the NFL Draft. I can tell everyone is excited for the rest of the football season.

With new players came many new winners. Check below to see if you made it to the top:

The top cash winners of last week were:

1. David Osborne - $14.50

2. Kivix - $14

3. Bad as sports - $13

4. Lori Beth Knight Thomas - $13

5. Gunner Thomas - $13


· PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Kivix - placed in the money 5 times this week for $14

· HIGHEST SCORE: Bad at sports - scored 18 points. Only 5 away from $1000

· ROOKIE OF THE WEEK: Nbcollins and Tyrone Idleman Sr both took 1st place for $10 a piece in their first week playing.

Good job to everyone that placed on the leaderboard.

If you see your name above that means you won some FREE money. How exciting!

Not only that but we have some big news about payouts.

For the 2018 NFL regular season contest, Gametime Blitz will be adding more prizes to the pool and will payout to more spots on the leaderboard.

Nothing beats that. The best part about out is there is more in store.

So stay tuned and check the blog this week for more updates.