Gametime Blitz Is At An All Time High

Gametime Blitz is doing better than ever. As you all know we have had quite the turn out since the NFL season has begun. In the past month we have had over 600 users during certain events. That’s thanks to you guys, the everyday players.

With that the app has experienced a few issues that have now been worked out. We had released a beta version of the app this week to help us work out any bugs and make sure that your experience on Gametime Blitz is nothing less than spectacular. Now that the issues have been fixed there is now an updated version of the app in both the Google Play Store and on App Store. Anyone that downloaded the beta for testing can now feel free to uninstall it.

We all know this is the best time of the year for sports.

- We got to see Tiger tear it up at the end of the PGA season.

- The NBA preseason is in full action with the regular season starting soon. LeBron is doing great in LA so far.

- College football is making waves and Alabama is up to it’s normal dominance.

- October postseason baseball is in full swing and already there have been great games to engage with.

- Last but not least we are a quarter of the way through the NFL season.

This all makes for some great matchups to participate in on Gametime Blitz. As the MLB playoffs dwindle down, expect to see more NBA games when the NFL is not on.

I’m glad that all of you have stuck with the app and have enjoyed winning some free money. If you didn’t know, Gametime Blitz is very active on social media.

We have a Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account that I would highly recommend following.

Of course keep an eye out on this blog because more great content will be coming soon. There could be some big changes coming to Gametime Blitz in the next couple months as we move towards growing bigger and better. Everything will still stay free and fun for everyone.

I did hear whispers of possible bigger payouts in the future. A good way to find out is to stay up to date on all of the social media platforms. And of course, don’t forget to play Gametime Blitz for free everyday for your chance to win up to $1000.

Download the app now if you haven’t and join in on the fun! Get it now below!