Leaderboard & Awards (8/2 - 8/8)

We are just three weeks away from the start of the NFL regular season.

Everyone has had a chance to see how their favorite teams have done during the preseason.

Now you have a chance to see how you did within the past week here on the leaderboard & awards blog. Make sure to check the app for your weekly and monthly standings on Gametime Blitz!

The Top Cash Winners (August 2nd - August 8th)

1. $16.00 - thomper

2. $12.50 - Homer

3. $11.00 - Gbust13

Highest Scores (August 2nd - August 8th)

1. 19 - thomper & Vato0520

2. 18 - Christian Koopenhaver, Valpo, Jaydub, thomper & Buckeyes1723

3. 17 - Stringer33, Joseph39, Duckie04, Law77777, Dr. Allen Embiid, Brian Salter, Dustin Kollman, FrizzleDizzle, Homer, Robert Paredes, Pickle Rick, Jaydub, Timothy Moomaw & Gbust13

Most Prize Finishes (August 2nd - August 8th)

1. 4 Wins - Homer & Timothy Moomaw

2. 3 Wins - thomper, Twins fan 101, Joseph39 & Gbust13

3. 2 Wins - Ddaams, Evx, Bad at Sports, Jaydub & Stacy Leigh Hanson

Weekly Awards (August 2nd - August 8th)

M.V.P. OF THE WEEK: ($16.00) thomper - 3 Wins

HIGHEST SCORE: (19) thomper & Vato0520

MOST WINS: (4) Homer & Timothy Moomaw

HIGHEST WINNINGS: ($16.00) thomper

NUMBER OF CASH WINNERS: 51 different cash winners!

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