Learn How to Play Here

Welcome to Gametime Blitz 101. Feels like you’re in college again doesn’t it? Don’t worry, there will be no homework and you can be late to class. I’m here to do all of the work for you so pay attention closely.

First thing you are going to want to do is jump over to the website and download the app. The game is available on Google play and iOS. Once you have the app downloaded, you are ready to win some free money. (Make sure you register or else how are you going to get paid to play?)

Now that you have your very own account it’s time to show you a couple of things.

On the main screen you will see 4 options. My first recommendation is to click the bottom link that says “See a demo of the game”. This will give you a preview of what it looks like on a daily basis when you are ready to make your predictions.

After that, many of you will be clicking the “Play from home” option on the main screen. This will then take you to the schedule of games that Gametime Blitz will be participating in.

There is at least one contest a day being offered on Gametime Blitz. Each of them have a detail of the match up and start time. Contests are opened roughly an hour before the game starts. Thanks to technology you are sent a handy-dandy notification straight to the mobile device that doesn’t seem to leave your hand. Once you are notified, head to the schedule screen and click the corresponding game which will be highlighted to indicate that the contest is ready to be played.

Making your picks on this game is as easy as scrolling on Youtube looking for the next best cat video. It’s pretty easy and very fun. (Shout out to all you felinelovers. You are in our hearts).

First you are going to want to start by picking the tiebreaker for the contest. The tiebreaker is usually some sort of stat line that helps the app determine a winner in the event that there is a tie. It happens quite often so your tiebreaker pick is very important. After you are finished, you are now ready to start picking your 23 answers for your chance at winning $1000.

Each of these questions will consist of two answers. Sometimes these answers will be, yes or no, over/under, two different players, or two stat lines. As you go through the questions you will see that they will be in order of how the games go. Questions about the beginning are the first ones you encounter. As for questions that ask about the end of a game, well, you guessed it, they will be towards the end.

Once you have made your picks you will notice that there are 3 questions locked and highlighted in a grey color. These questions will pop up throughout the game to be answered as time goes on. Once again that handy-dandy notification will remind you so you can jump right on it.

Now that you have your tiebreaker, 20 questions answered, and are awaiting the 3 pop up questions, you now have the chance to explore the app.

If you look above your picks, you will see a green bar with 3 options. Picks, Leaderboard, and Prizes. They are pretty self explanatory but if you need to read the warning label, here it is.

-The picks show your picks. Clever eh?

-The leaderboard shows your competition for the day and who has entered this contest.

-The prize tab will show you the prizes given away during this contest.

Now while the prizes may vary, usually they stay the same and offer a great opportunity for you to win even if you don’t finish at the top of the leaderboard.

Next we have the menu button. In the top right corner of the app you see the standard 3 bars. (No, they don’t serve beer) In this menu you will see your winnings, profile, past games, your referrals, and many other options to help with your experience while playing the app. Feel free to change your name, join a group with your friends, or even check out what’s new with the Gametime Blitz app.

Look at that! You have now mastered the functionality of the Gametime Blitz app and you’re closer to winning real cash. Sounds great, huh?

Make sure to invite your friends to the app using your referral code. Also if you haven’t already, be sure to like the page on Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming contest, prizes, and app updates.

There is even an all inclusive group you can join on Facebook called Gametime Blitz Players Page where users show off their winnings and discuss topics about the app.

Most of all have fun and if you have any questions feel free to message support within the app, comment on this post, or head over to facebook and contact on there.

Thanks for playing. Enjoy!