Location Game Leaderboard & Awards

This past week the Packers didn't look so great. Win or lose, many of you still have the chance to test out your sports skills during every Green Bay game and win your share of $1000 in real cash prizes. Now that sounds great!

Below are last week's results!

Top 3 Players

1. $250.00 - Nick Frisco - Pub On Wisconsin

2. $200.00 - Kevin Lunog - Buddy's Sports Grill

3. $150.00 - Matt Westrich - Michigan's Pub

Most Improved Location(s)

Teezers Bar/Cafe - 8 Additional Players

Location With the Most National Prize Winners

5 Winners - Michigans Pub

4 Winners - Pepi's Pub & Grill

3 Winners - Teezers Bar Cafe

2 Winners - 1175 Sports Park & Eatery, Coasters Bar & Grill, and Buddy's Sports Grill

1 Winner - Pub On Wisconsin and Buckets Pub

Michigans Pub - Racine, Wisconsin

M.V.P of the Week

Michigans Pub

- 5 National Prize Winners

- 8 additional players


1300 Michigan Blvd

Racine, WI 53402

(262) 634-6109

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