MLB All-Star week tips and tricks

MLB All-Star week is upon us and that means great match ups to be played on Gametime Blitz. With the MLB Home Run Derby in the books, how else do we get to see Bryce Harper thrive in his home stadium?

Oh, wait he is the 2018 MLB Home Run Derby champion so I’ll give him credit where credit is due. Heck I’m sure most of us weren’t in his position at age 25. His dad was looking pretty winded at the derby. Bryce probably gets his stamina from his mother.

You’re in luck though. This week is jam packed with baseball. Now that’s a great position to be in. Grab your Big League Chew bubble gum and let’s get to crackin’ bats.

Tonight we have the MLB All-Star game. Yippee!!!

Live from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., home of the NHL Stanly Cup Champions.

Wizards and Redskins, you need to do something to get a shout out from this guy!

NL All-Stars Vs. AL All-Stars

Max Scherzer is getting the start in his home ball park against Chris Sale from Beantown. The NL All-Star Team should be thankful they have some hometown luck on their side. With the line-up they have to face against with the AL All-Star’s, I’d say they are in for a treat.

Chris Sale has quite the squad to bat for him today. Hitters like 2017 Rookie of the year Aaron Judge and teammates Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez. Plus Sale gets to share the city with Bill Belichick, how lucky. On the other hand he has to face off against batters like Matt Kemp, Paul Goldschmidt, and the hometown slugger Bryce Harper.

This week on Gametime Blitz, I would like to highlight some potential questions.

More Fly outs or groundouts? I’m thinking more fly outs due to the big bats of the All-Star Game.

Any steals? I’d say no because of the previous and potential future Cy Young Award winners on the mound.

How many hits? Go odd and/or high if the options are there.

Will there be 10 or less pitches? It’s quite possible with everyone just trying to hit it out of the park these days. You never know.

Will any batter see 9 or more pitches? It only happens once or twice a game, if at all, and it’s hard to pin point which inning it could happen in. No is a safe bet most of the time in this case.

These are some make or break questions when it comes to competing for $1000 on Gametime Blitz.

Hopefully some of the information I gave today was helpful and wins you some cold hard cash.

Or else I tricked you into reading my beautiful words mixed with super secret subliminal messages.

(Whispers: Play Gametime Blitz, Play Gametime Blitz, Play Gametime Blitz….)