More Chances To Win Real Cash During MLB and NFL Contests

As everyone has noticed, there have been quite a few more players the past couple weeks.

With more players come new faces and some of them have even won some FREE cash.

The NFL preseason has begun and that means the competition will only become greater.

Expect to see many new players each night as we all compete for the grand prize of $1000 on Gametime Blitz.

The MLB season is getting closer to crunch time. Teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs to compete for a World Series Championship. Of course by then the NFL season will be in full swing and some of us will have already won big on Gametime Blitz.

But wait, there's more...

Gametime Blitz is now going to offer more prizes and pay out to more spots on the leaderboard during each regular season NFL contest.

I suggest playing every day during the preseason to get some practice before the real deal begins.

Has everybody told their friends and family about Gametime Blitz?

Tell all of your favorite people about the easy cash to be won and see who really knows their stuff!

There is actually a referral button on the Gametime Blitz app where you can find a personalized link to send to anyone that thinks they know sports. Or maybe they just like money.

So invite everyone you know and have them download the app to start playing today.

Who knows, any of you could be the 1st $1000 winner on Gametime Blitz.

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Good Luck everybody!