Weekly Leaderboard & Awards (4/4-4/11)

Every week here at Gametime Blitz we will be presenting to you, a weekly leaderboard in which you can see the biggest winners, all of the cash that everyone won, and some special awards given out to all of the top performers. Want to see yourself on the leaderboard? Just keep playing!

The Top Cash Winners (April 4th – April 11th)

1. Joseph39 - $24.00

2. Matty B - $13.00

3. WHO-DEY23 - $11.50

4. Metaldad - $10.50 & Evx - $10.50

5. Jason - $10.00

Highest Scores

1. 21 correct answers - Matty B

2. 19 correct answers - Joseph39, WHO-DEY23, Metaldad

3. 18 correct answers - Jake McAuly, Evx, thomper, Diamond Lars, Log, Deron, Madnkrazy, Matty B, Joseph39

Most Prize Finishes (April 4th – April 11th)

1. 4 wins - Joseph39

2. 3 wins - WHO-DEY23, thomper

3. 2 wins - Jake McAuly, Buckeyes1723, Evx, Miz44, Frank Rivera Torres, Mark Reesink, Metaldad, Bad at Sports, Matty B, RomanX, David Osborne

Weekly Rewards (April 4th – April 11th)

M.V.P. OF THE WEEK: Joseph39


MOST WINS: Joseph39


NUMBER OF CASH WINNERS: 59 different players won cash this week

Stay tuned for next week's leaderboard posted on Friday. At the end of the month we will have a leaderboard and give awards for monthly statistics. Enjoy!