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Here in this blog we will take the opportunity to discuss certain aspects of the best app in the world, Gametime Blitz. Now we can bring you the fastest news and updates about the app and tell you about all of the great promotions that will be happening.

Having issues making your picks or not sure of a particular matchup?

Well you are in the right place!

Throughout the week we will feature certain games in our blog and give you the most up to date stats, trends, and even some amazing predictions about upcoming matchups.

Another way to show appreciation to you, the players, it has also been decided that each week we will run a player leaderboard that will feature the best of the best players that Gametime Blitz has to offer. Make sure to check back each week and see if your name has made it to the top. Heck you might even see a one-on-one interview with past winners.

There’s a sweet chance to brag to your buddies, isn’t it?

This will not be just another sports blog with a guy on his computer giving his opinion about the Yankees or the Patriots. Sometimes we will get quirky. Sometimes you will see some of the most in-depth information about a game you weren’t quite sure of.

Most of all in this blog you will see excitement. This will be a fun avenue to bring information to you about this wonderful app with a bright future.

Gametime Blitz thanks you, the users, for joining us and experiencing a cool new way to win money while enjoying sports.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for upcoming content.

You never know what you might see. Really!