Each contest asks you to predict the results of pick 'em style questions that are no longer than the length of a period/quarter/inning/etc. There are 20 questions available at the start of a game and 3 pop up questions that appear throughout the contest. You can make your picks right away but you're free to update your selections throughout the contest up until each question locks at its appropriate time.
Sample Questions:
Football - "Will the first score of the game be a touchdown?"
Baseball - "Will there be a strikeout in the third inning?"
Basketball - "Will LeBron James make a 3 point field goal in the second quarter?"


We know that you want to compete with your friends but it can be tough to track them on the main leaderboard (see below). That's why we've created the groups feature. Each player may create or join up to 3 groups. Each group has its own leaderboard so you can easily prove to your friends that you beat them!
You can create a group and invite your friends to join. You may also join an existing group by requesting entry. If you no longer wish to remain in a group, you can leave that group from the group management section.
Groups are strictly for fun to give friends the ability to track each other's play. Prizes are not awarded to winners in individual groups, only to winners on the main leaderboard.


Check out the leaderboard to see how everyone is doing in your contest. The leaderboard will only show the players in your contest. So if you're in a "play from home" contest, you will see all other players competing in the "play from home" game. Players competing at a participating location will only see players at their specific location, excluding the weekly national game in which all participating location players will compete for large prizes on a national leaderboard. Even though you may be playing a contest based on the same sporting event, you are only competing for prizes against the players in your contest and that is why they are the only players that you see.
If you are in a group (or 2 or 3), you will see tabs at the top of the leaderboard with your group name(s). If you are in a group with another player that is not logged in to your contest, you will not see them on the group's leaderboard.


Check the prizes tab to see what the available prizes are for your contest. The grand prize is available in all contests but all other prizes will vary. 
The grand prize and any prizes offered in the "play from home" or weekly national location game contests are awarded by Gametime Blitz. All winnings will show up in your "player bank" on the app and you can cash out with PayPal or an Amazon gift card.
Any other prizes that are offered at a participating location are being awarded by the participating location. You must claim your prize from them immediately following the conclusion of the contest. Most prizes offered will be gift certificates to the bar or free food/drinks.


Wondering which bars are hosting Gametime Blitz in your area? Check the locations page on the app to see participating locations and game times.

No games in your area? No problem! You can always play and compete for prizes using our "play from home" game. 

If you don't have any participating locations in your area or at least none that cover the games that you're interested in, let your favorite bar know about Gametime Blitz and tell them to contact us. We're sure they would appreciate the additional customers that come in to play.